Oral research

Oral Research


Abstracts should be submitted in English and sent by July 15, 2019 at abstracts@wioc2019.com.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and may be selected for either oral or poster presentation.

The Conference Scientific Committee will select 8 abstracts considered to be the best original research in the field of mini-implants / TADs in Orthodontics. These 8 abstracts will be presented on stage during the first day of the WIOC Conference.

The title of the abstract should be printed in initial capital letters followed by lower case. Organization should be abbreviated, with capitalization as in title.

Each contributor has to put each surname first, without abbreviating this to an initial. Also, use full capitals to highlight what is the surname.
The submitting author is responsible also for the correct use of initials and surnames of their co-authors Affiliations: all authors should have an affiliation, at least with a basic entry including the country.

The structure of the abstracts should include:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Key conclusions

Abbreviations should be defined by being placed in parentheses immediately after the full word or phrase has been typed for the first time.

No graphs, figures, tables or unusual symbols can be included.
Place citations to references in square brackets, eg [1].
If there are references after the abstract, there should also be citations to the refs in the abstract, and vice versa.
Decimal punctuation is with a decimal point (European), not with comma.
The abstract should not exceed 250 words.

Oral Research Presentation Information for 2019 Oral Research Program at WIOC 2019

Oral Research presentations will be held on Thursday, 24th of October 2019, at Willbrook Platinum Center during the first day of the WIOC 2019 Conference. The room will be announced.

Please note that in order to participate in the Oral Presentation you need to register for the WIOC.

The presentation time is 10 minutes with 5 minutes allowed for questions and answers.

All presentations must be given in English.
Oral Research presenters MUST send their presentation in an electronic format at abstracts@wioc2019.com no later than 30th September 2019. Presentations can be made in either Power Point or MAC Keynote. The WIOC does NOT support presenters bringing their own equipment to use for their presentation. No exceptions will be made!
All presentations will be pre-loaded on the official computer. Information regarding pre-loading your presentation will be emailed to accepted applicants prior to WIOC.
The WIOC will provide a computer, LCD projector, screen, laser pointer and microphone for the presenter to use during their presentation.

Oral Research Listing

For all published listings of Oral Research presentations, the main author’s first name and surname (family name) will be listed. If there is only one co-author, then their first name and surname will be listed after the main author. If there are two or more co-authors, then their names will not be listed and the listing will be the main author followed by “et al.”

Certificate of Attendance

A Certificate of Attendance will be available OnSite only.
The certificate will be available at the Registration desk.

Oral Research Thank You Letter

A thank you letter will be given to the presenter after the Oral Research presentation.

Certificate of Participation in Oral Research Program

No Certificate of Participation is given for participating in the Oral Research program – only a thank you letter is given. See section titled Oral Research Thank You Letter above.

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